Digging Deeper Than the Mainstream – February, 2016

Amplitude, The Witness, Firewatch, Unravel — 2016 is off to a flyer and we’ve barely scratched the surface. In only two weeks’ time, we’ll be knee deep in Ubisoft’s primordial landscape with Far Cry Primal before putting our reflexes to the sword in Street Fighter V, and the release slate soon thereafter shows no signs of slowing down.

But what about the games peppered between such heavy-hitters? Regardless of whether they fall into the AAA or indie camp, there’s no question that the likes of The Witness and Unravel stole much of the mind share in the past few weeks, making it difficult to see the wood for the trees.

And so we arrive at Digger Deeper Than the Mainstream, a new feature designed to spotlight those titles arriving without much fanfare, either due to the nature of the small teams behind them or simply that their opportunity to make an impact has been dampened by industry heavy-hitters.

Besides, modern-day life and other responsibilities beyond the perimeters of our pixelated havens often push and pull at our limited time to pick up a controller (or indeed handheld), and that’s something I’m confident we can all relate to. Spare time is precious, and even when you only account for the software headed to PlayStation platforms, the list of games slated for a release in 2016 is staggering. 

The plan now is to pitch Digging Deeper Than the Mainstream as a recurring feature on PlayStation LifeStyle (something I’ll probably regret come March or November, but hey!), and as always, we’re open to your feedback. 

Will you be taking a psychedelic horror trop with Layers of Fear? Or are you more inclined to pick up Pixel Piracy for a high seas adventure? Do let us know.