Fallout 4 DLC News Coming Soon, Update 1.3 Improves Visual Settings on PS4 & Xbox One

With the first piece of Fallout 4 DLC expected in early 2016, Bethesda has teased that we’ll be getting more news about the content very soon:

We know you’re ready to learn what’s coming for Fallout 4 DLC. We’re not far off, and we think you’ll be excited.

We’re also doing a complete overhaul of Fallout 4 Survival mode. Food, sleep, diseases, danger and more. Stay tuned.

Responding to someone on Twitter who asked about whether we’d get news on Fallout 4 mods soon as well, Bethesda’s Pete Hines said, “Yes. We’re pretty close to divulging details. Hang in there. Won’t be much longer.”

Fallout 4 update 1.3 was recently released on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, and Digital Foundry took a look at the game post-patch. In their report, they discovered that 1.3 boosts visual settings on console and “makes surprising improvements to draw distance settings for geometry and foliage.”

While Fallout 4’s performance remains almost identical to update 1.2, they did notice a 2-3 frames-per-second drop on PS4 when overlooking the centre of Diamond City. Digital Foundry adds:

Fortunately, the Diamond City portion of Fallout 4 is the only area in our test suite that is affected negatively on PlayStation 4. Every other segment – from a Deathclaw battle in Concord to shootouts on top of the Corvega factory – run with precisely the same level of performance as before (including a lengthy bout of play at near 20fps for the latter). In other words, patch 1.03 does very little to improve performance as a whole on either console, and where it dropped on patch 1.02, we still have significant issues here.

What do you hope to see from Fallout 4’s DLC?

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