Rock Band 4 DLC This Week Includes Motörhead, April Update Will Add Setlists

Out tomorrow, February 16, this week’s Rock Band 4 DLC can be bought for $1.99 each and includes songs from Five Finger Death Punch and Royal Blood:

  • Five Finger Death Punch – “Got Your Six”
  • Motörhead – “Thunder & Lightning”
  • Royal Blood – “Figure It Out”

In other Rock Band 4 news, the February update introduced a new drum Overdrive exploit, which will be fixed in the March update, coming early next month. Unfortunately, this means another leaderboard wipe will happen on drums, pro drums, and band scores. Harmonix added that they’re “going to improve to avoid things like this in the future.”

Looking ahead to April, Rock Band 4 will be getting Setlists and song fixes:

As an early heads up, we’re making a ton of individual song fixes in our back catalog in April. These are addressing things like adding guitar parts to songs with no guitar, broken disco flips, guitar track mutes, various charting issues notes, and more. If there are any authoring changes required to make these fixes, we will wipe individual song leaderboards for the affected songs. I’m going to have a final list of which songs will be addressed in the coming weeks, which you’ll see as soon as I do.

Harmonix also said, “We’re not bringing back Pro Guitar to Rock Band 4. Practice mode is coming in the future, though!”

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