Street Fighter V PS4 Test Reveals 60fps Offline Gameplay, Frame-Rate Drops When Online

With Street Fighter V now available on PlayStation 4 and PC – and PS4 owners reporting frame-rate issues – Digital Foundry took a look at the game both offline and online.

In their testing, Digital Foundry played the offline portion of Street Fighter V to see if they could re-produce any frame-rate drops. Even when increasing the enemy AI for more effects during a fight, “frame-rates remain mostly stable, with just a few mild frame drops occurring from time to time.”

As you can see in the first portion of the above video, Street Fighter V runs at 60fps offline, with only the occasional drop to 59fps. When they jump online in the second part of the video (2:30), some frame-rate drops are experienced, with gameplay ranging from 54fps – 60fps, though it tends to hover around the 58fps – 60fps range.

Digital Foundry said:

Some matches sustain the required locked 60fps during gameplay, while in others frames are dropped when there is little going on to tax the rendering engine. Activating V-Triggers and performing extended combos tends to bring up small, mostly unnoticeable dips in single-player, but even basic moves and fairly sedate battles can result in more noticeable drops in performance when playing online. Indeed, which matches are affected by impacted performance is seemingly random at this time. After spending a few hours online, it’s clear that network play overall isn’t as stable as we would like to see from a fighting game – and there’s an undeniable impact in performance, with ramifications on the quality of the gameplay experience.

Since replays don’t show dropped frames, Digital Foundry says “netcode is almost certainly the issue here,” adding that “with only a day’s play under our belts here, it’s too early to pass judgement on Street Fighter 5’s overall performance profile.”

What do you think of Street Fighter V’s performance so far?

[Source: Eurogamer]