Paragon Gameplay Video Sees New Heroes Rushing the Core

Featuring in-game alpha gameplay footage captured on PC, Epic Games brought out a new trailer for Paragon today with new heroes Sparrow, Gideon, Dekker, Steel, and Grux.

A 5v5 third-person MOBA, Paragon’s heroes, items, map, minions, and towers were detailed by PlayStation:

  • The Heroes – Paragon has a stylish, diverse roster of heroes. These characters play a variety of roles in battle, from ranged damage dealers to life-saving support. Each hero has a main attack and a set of four abilities — including a tide-turning ultimate.
  • The Items – You can customize your hero in Paragon with an assortment of potions and strength-enhancing items. These items, and the subsequent upgrades you place on them, can define how a hero performs in battle.
  • The Map – Paragon is set in one map. That’s all you need. The map is symmetrical and divided into three lanes that lead from one base to the other. There’s also a labyrinthine jungle that curls and twists between the lanes, giving heroes a sneaky way to traverse the battlefield. It’s a bit scary.
  • The Minions – Each team in Paragon has an AI-controlled army of courageous minions that slowly march on the opposing base. They’re actually pretty adorable.
  • The Towers – Massive towers line each lane on the map which automatically attack the opposing team. Standing within range of their devastating shots can be lethal, so a hero should always wade towards them accompanied by the aforementioned minions.

Paragon is coming to PlayStation 4 and PC in 2016 as a free-to-play, with paid early access in spring 2016 and open beta in summer 2016.

Speaking with Eurogamer, Epic Games confirmed that “Epic will never sell card packs for Paragon,” and you’ll just get them through playing the game. When asked about how micro-transactions will work in Paragon, Creative Director Steve Superville said it’s something they’ll be talking about later:

We are not talking too much about the business model right now. But we are very aware that pay-to-win is a bad thing for competitive play.

Did you get a chance to play Paragon this past weekend?

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