Assault Android Cactus Includes a Platinum Trophy, Release Date Depends on Vote to Play Result

Assault Android Cactus, the twin-stick arena shooter from Witch Beam, is one of the options in the March 2016 PlayStation Plus Vote to Play on PlayStation 4, alongside Broforce and Action Henk. As the developer revealed, it will either launch on March 1 or March 8, depending on whether it wins or not.

At the moment, Assault Android Cactus is in third place, with Broforce currently holding a big lead over both titles. Since the latest Vote to Play ends on February 22, you only have a few days left to head to the PlayStation Plus section of the PS4’s home screen and cast your vote.

The full list of March 2016 PS+ free games will be announced next week, before going live on March 1 in North America and Europe.

Exophase also posted the full Trophy list (below) for Assault Android Cactus, which includes a Platinum. Some of the tough Gold Trophies will see you destroying 15,000 homicidal robots, reaching a chain of 1,000, completing Boss Rush mode, and earning an S+ ranking on all campaign levels.

Assault Android Cactus is also coming to PlayStation Vita, but a release date is TBA.

[Source: Exophase]