Rocket League Season 2 Update Splits Champion Level, Tweaks Matchmaking

Though there is still no official release date to report, Psyonix has shed new light on Rocket League Season 2, and the changes headed to competitive play. 

Taking to the game’s official blog, the developer began by acknowledging the demand to tweak rank progression, with the imminent update now poised to give a clearer sense of how players stand relative to their opponents. Part of that new strategy means users will soon be able to know which division they’re in depending on Skill Tier, be it the lowly Division I up to Division V. 

Beyond that, Season 2 also splits the coveted Champion level in three. Per Psyonix:

“We’re expanding the Skill Tiers to add more distinction at the highest levels of competitive play. Champion is now three ranks – Champion, Super Champion, and Grand Champion. The Star tier has been shuffled slightly as a result, so if you were in All-Star, Superstar, or Champion divisions, you may see your Skill Tier name and icon change with the update.”

Expect Rocket League‘s title update to be released in the coming weeks, with Psyonix now adding the final touches to Season 2. 

[Source: Psyonix]