The Division Beta Set a Record With 6.4 Million Players

Surpassing the 4.6 million seen by Destiny, The Division open beta on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC this past weekend drew 6.4 million players, making it “the biggest beta ever for a new game brand on current generation platforms,” Ubisoft announced today.

Here’s some stats from the beta:

  • On average, players spent an average of 5 hours as activated sleeper agents journeying through The Division’s open world
  • With 2 average hours spent in the Dark Zone and almost 50% of players going rogue, you demonstrated your love for The Dark Zone, The Division’s unique and challenging player-versus-player environment.
  • Over 63,309,800 contaminated items were successfully extracted out of the Dark Zone.
  • 17 million extractions were completed yesterday, meaning we have some much better equipped Agents out there for the battle ahead!

The Division launches on Tuesday, March 8, in North America and Europe for PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

What did you think of the beta?

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