Touhou Genso Rondo Getting a Digital PS4 Release in North America & Europe Later This Year

Using a working title, Touhou Genso Rondo from Cubetype and NIS America is releasing for PlayStation 4 as a digital title in late 2016 in North America and Europe.

A shoot ’em up fighter with local and online multiplayer, Touhou Genso Rondo is a full HD remake of the original Japanese PC version, complete with a UI overhaul, upgraded single-player mode, system rebalances, more scenarios, new characters, online play, score ranking, and Boss Rush mode.

NIS America says:

Developed by CUBETYPE, Genso Rondo for the PlayStation 4 is a remastered shoot ’em up that takes place in the Touhou universe. Select from 10 playable girls and dive straight into bullet hell! Reminiscent of a fighting game, Genso Rondo takes the traditional shoot ’em up genre and infuses it with a 1v1 battle scenario, allowing for a unique gameplay experience. Learn more about the Touhou characters in Story Mode as you progress through the game, blasting your opponent with a barrage of beautiful bullets. Or if you are feeling confident, jump into online battle mode and showcase your skills to players on PlayStation Network.

You’ll also cast spell cards to unleash maximum damage, have the power and strength of a boss, and can use multiple combat options.