Smite PS4 Currently Locked at 30fps, Dev Talks Alpha Test

Developer Hi-Rez Studios is currently in the process of bringing third-person MOBA title Smite to PlayStation 4, and earlier this week a closed alpha went live on Sony’s current-gen platform. 

In welcoming user feedback, Hi-Rez recently hosted a Reddit AMA, soliciting questions about carrying over a PC account to the PS4 version, the current state of console MOBAs and why Smite PS4 is currently locked at 30fps. 

We are currently limited at 30 frames per second for both consoles. While we would love 60 FPS there are some issues technically with making this work, especially considering that the system needs to keep track of many more things than a normal single player experience would normally have. That being said, we have made a lot of improvements in the past, and if we see a chance for 60 FPS we will pursue it.

Much of that technical limitation can be traced to the game’s user interface, with Hi-Rez noting that porting Smite from PC to consoles almost required a “complete re-write of the code.”

We’ll keep you updated as Smite continues its journey toward a full release on PlayStation 4. 

[Source: Reddit via WCCFTech]