Paradox Interactive and Ruffian Games End Partnership on Co-Op Action Game Hollowpoint

Announced as a timed PlayStation 4 console exclusive at gamescom 2014, Hollowpoint might not see the light of day anytime soon as Paradox Interactive and Ruffian Games have “amicably terminated” their partnership. In a statement provided to GameWatcher, Paradox cited differences in creative vision as the reason for the split, stating that the decision was reached after several discussions.

Today we would like to announce that the working relationship between Paradox Interactive and Ruffian Games on Hollowpoint has been amicably terminated. After recent ongoing discussions between the two companies, it became apparent to both parties that the creative vision for the project was diverging and so the decision was ultimately taken to cease our co-operation in order to serve the long-term interests of the game.

We would like to thank Ruffian Games for all their hard work and wish them the best of luck in their future endeavours. Paradox will be re-evaluating the creative direction of ‘Hollowpoint’ internally before making any final decisions.

Not much has been heard of Hollowpoint since its initial announcement but we did get to preview the game last year, which you can check out here

We’ll update our readers when Paradox makes an announcement regarding the game’s future

[Source: GameWatcher]