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Cities Skylines Green Cities

Cities: Skylines’ Green Cities Lets You Build the World We Need on PS4s

The environmentalism is sadly the most unrealistic part.

paradox prison architect

Paradox Interactive Owns Prison Architect Now

The prison has a new owner.

age of wonders planetfall

Paradox Announces Age of Wonders: Planetfall for Consoles and PC, Trailer Released

Comes with a sci-fi setting.

cities skylines natural disasters

Upcoming Natural Disasters Full Expansion for Cities: Skylines Lets You Play God

Building cities is fun. Destroying them, even better.

surviving mars PS4 review

Surviving Mars Review – Stack Supplies Sanely (PS4)

Think you can make history on Mars?

surviving mars trailer

Surviving Mars Available Now on PS4, Check out the Final Trailer

Get ready to terraform Mars.

surviving mars developer diary

Surviving Mars Developer Diary Shows How Players Will Live on Mars

Can you survive?

surviving mars developer diary

Surviving Mars Will Launch in March, PS4 Pro Support Revealed

Get prepared!

surviving mars developer diary

Characters Can Commit Suicide and Become Alcoholics in Surviving Mars

Players will have to manage the mental health of their colonists.

Surviving Mars Game Trailer

The Latest Surviving Mars Trailer Showcases How Resources Work in the Game

New information and trailer!

Surviving Mars trailer

New Surviving Mars Trailer Shows the Inspiration for the Colonies

It’s a fascinating watch.

Pillars of Eternity Update Fixes Game Save Issues, Live Now on PS4

Tons of other changes!

Cities Skyline DLC

Cities: Skylines Snowfall DLC Announced for PS4, Season Pass Detailed

Winter is coming.

Pillars of Eternity PS4

Pillars of Eternity: Complete Edition Gets a Day One Update and a Launch Trailer

The sequel, Deadfire, isn’t planned for consoles at this time.

surviving mars developer diary

Surviving Mars Will Let You Colonize the Red Planet in 2018

Adding to the library of console builder games.

Cities Skylines review

Cities: Skylines Review – A Steep Learning Curve (PS4)

Stepping in after SimCity took a turn for the SimSh*tty.

Pillars of Eternity: Complete Edition Launches on August 29 for PS4 & Xbox One

The White March expansions are included.

Cities: Skylines Releases on August 15 for PS4

Includes the After Dark expansion.

Tropico, Victor Vran Developer Announces New Management Strategy Game

The next frontier!