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Dark Souls 3 Gameplay Video Blowout, New Bosses & Enemies Taken Down

With Dark Souls 3 scheduled to release April 12, there’s still quite a while to go before fans of the franchise can get their hands on it.

To keep you sane during the wait, the PlayStation Access team has been posting Dark Souls 3 video coverage. Check out the gameplay videos embedded below:

Dark Souls 3 Gameplay – Five Unseen Bosses & Bad Guys

Dark Souls 3 Gameplay – Exploring the Undead Settlement Part 1

Dark Souls 3 Gameplay – Exploring the Undead Settlement Part 2

What’s more, the first 14 minutes of the game have been posted to YouTube via IGN. It’s gameplay only, so click below to enjoy the sights and sounds of Dark Souls 3

Dark Souls 3 Gameplay – The First 14 Minutes of Dark Souls 3

Still wanting more Dark Souls 3 video action? Check out the “True Colors of Darkness” trailer!

Also, read up on what Game Director Hidetaka Miyazaki said about the game’s difficulty, and the difference between “difficult” and “unreasonable.”

If you’re a hardcore Dark Souls fan, and you’ve still not pre-ordered a copy of the game, take a look at the Prestige Edition and all the goodies found within

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