Ubisoft Gets Sneaky With The Division Advertisement, Takes Quotes Out of Context

As we enter into the last few days before The Division launches on current-gen platforms and PC, we look to Ubisoft for its final efforts of pre-release marketing hype.

Unfortunately, it seems that one example of said marketing hype is a tad misleading, with quotes taken out context. 

The Division Advertising Misleading

The first quote describes the game as the “best new franchise,” and is taken from IGN. The problem with this comment is that it was made during E3 2013, during which IGN was talking specifically about franchises announced at that year’s show

The second quote states that The Division “blows Destiny out of the water,” and is lifted from GameZone. The issue here is that the article in question is a news piece covering the beta’s success, with the full headline reading: “The Division blows Destiny out of the water with 6.4 million beta players.”

GameZone’s Tatiana Morris told Kotaku that Ubisoft did ask her permission before using the quote, but “they didn’t specify in what way or form it would be used.”

Regardless of marketing mishaps, are you still looking forward to playing The Division?

[Source: Kotaku]