Randy Pitchford Responds to Overwatch Beta Clashing With Battleborn Release Date

Though an untimely leak threatened to spoil the surprise, Blizzard confirmed recently that upcoming hero shooter Overwatch would launch across PC and consoles on May 24. 

Before that, though, the game will enter open beta on May 3 which, incidentally, happens to be the same date Gearbox is primed to launch a hero shooter of its own in Battleborn

Two first-person shooters infused with MOBA elements arriving in the same corridor prompted Gearbox CEO Randy Pitchford to post a Twitter message welcoming the competition. Said he: “Blizz doing [Overwatch] beta on our Battleborn launch. Excited they believe as we do there IS a Business. Competition IS real!”

Both games are on course to deploy across PS4, Xbox One and PC in May. Before that aforementioned release clash, though, Battleborn will host an open beta on PlayStation 4 at some point in April. 

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