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overwatch ana bastet

Take Part in the Overwatch Ana Bastet Challenge for an Exclusive Skin

Catwoman is shaking.

Overwatch Black Characters

Expect More Black Characters in Overwatch

According to Jeff Kaplan.

soldier 76 lgbtq

Soldier 76 is Overwatch’s Second Confirmed LGBTQ Hero

This is also the first we’ve learned about Soldier 76’s personal life at all.

Overwatch Update

Overwatch Is Getting a ‘Cool Little Surprise’ and Balance Patch Soon

Fans want Blizzard to “do something!”

overwatch ellie

Overwatch Player ‘Ellie’ Who Received Threats and Harassment Was a ‘Social Experiment’

Blizzard is reportedly holding meetings to address the controversy.

Overwatch Screenshot-648

Blizzard Punishes Over 18,000 South Korean Players for Bad Behavior in Overwatch

Dealing with toxic players is no easy task.

fortnite twitch

Twitch Gaming Viewership Increased Significantly in 2018 With Fortnite Player Ninja in the Lead

Riot Games is the second most-watched channel.

blizzard twitch chat

Blizzard Implements New Moderation System on Official Twitch Chats

Will it be successful in removing toxicity online?

Lucio Nendoroid

Overwatch’s LĂșcio Gets a Cute New Nendoroid, and Preorders Are Live


overwatch winter skins 2018

The Heroes of Overwatch Don Their Holiday Best in 2018’s Winter Wonderland Event

All I want for Christmas is that Krampus skin.

overwatch developer update

Blizzard Is Working on a New Game Mode for Overwatch

Plus a lot of top-secret projects, naturally.

Overwatch Winter Wonderland 2018 Date

Here’s When Overwatch Will Transform Into a Winter Wonderland

The most wonderful time of the year.

Overwatch League Merch

Fanatics Will Sell Official Overwatch League Merch

Another win for legitimizing/mainstreaming esports.

Washington DC OWL

Say Hello to Overwatch League’s New Team Repping Washington, D.C

Some might say justice reigns from above.

Overwatch Free Trial

Overwatch is Recruiting Agents With an Upcoming Limited Free Trial, Pre-Download to Get Ready

Get in here, agent.

Overwatch Ashe

Blizzard Hopes Ashe Will Bring Back Lapsed Players

Back for the first time.

Hangzhou Spark

Get to Know Overwatch League’s Hangzhou Team

Pretty in pink.

Overwatch Nendoroid McCree

A Nendoroid McCree Just Rolled and Flashbanged Its Way To Blizzard Gear

Adorable and deadly!

Overwatch Update patch notes ashe

Overwatch’s Ashe is Now Live on Consoles, Hero Changes and Bug Fixes Included in Update Patch Notes

You’ll need to reinstall the full game for this one.