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Overwatch Free Trial

Overwatch is Recruiting Agents With an Upcoming Limited Free Trial, Pre-Download to Get Ready

Get in here, agent.

Overwatch Ashe

Blizzard Hopes Ashe Will Bring Back Lapsed Players

Back for the first time.

Hangzhou Spark

Get to Know Overwatch League’s Hangzhou Team

Pretty in pink.

Overwatch Nendoroid McCree

A Nendoroid McCree Just Rolled and Flashbanged Its Way To Blizzard Gear

Adorable and deadly!

Overwatch Update patch notes ashe

Overwatch’s Ashe is Now Live on Consoles, Hero Changes and Bug Fixes Included in Update Patch Notes

You’ll need to reinstall the full game for this one.

Overwatch Update

The Next Major Overwatch Patch Will Require a Full Reinstall of the Game on All Platforms

It’s a “remaster” patch.

Blizzard Entertainment Games

Blizzard’s Allen Adham Claims 50% of Prospective Blizzard Games Get Put to Rest

Taking “kill your darlings” to new heights.

Overwatch Ashe Origins

Overwatch’s Newest Character Ashe Origins Detailed in Animated Origin Story Video

It’s her way.

new overwatch heroes

Blizzard Has More Overwatch Characters Planned Out

Indeed, heroes never die.

Overwatch LEGO Set

Blizzard and LEGO Announce Six Incredible Overwatch Sets

Keep ’em coming, Blizzard.

Overwatch LĂșcio-Oh's cereal

Start Your Day Right With a Sonic Bowl of LĂșcio-Oh’s, Part of a Balanced Breakfast

They won’t throw you against your wall, don’t worry.

new overwatch character ashe

Ashe Joins the Overwatch Roster, New Animated Short Released

A cowboy-lady and her giant robot man.

new overwatch map

Overwatch Won’t Get a New Map at BlizzCon 2018

The heroes won’t be traveling to a new location.

overwatch spectator mode

The Overwatch Spectator Mode Is on the Way

Become part of the crowd.

overwatch lego sets

Leaked LEGO Overwatch Sets Allow You to Be the Hero You’ve Always Wanted to Be

Heroes never die, and neither do bricks.

Overwatch Character Lore: A Concise Guide – Volume 3

A complete, but concise, guide to the lore behind all 28 heroes in Blizzard’s Overwatch.

Overwatch Halloween Event

Overwatch Halloween Event Kickstarts Pumpkin Carving Contest

Veggie Tales just got darker.

Here's Where Your Pink Mercy Overwatch Charity is Going

Here’s Where the Pink Mercy Overwatch Charity Money Is Going

This should be done more often.

Former Blizzard Executive Joins Square Enix as Chief Marketing Officer

John Heinecke was behind marketing campaigns for games like Overwatch and Diablo.