Dragon Fantasy: Book II Comes to PS4 on March 22 as The Black Tome of Ice, Includes Cross-Buy

The director’s cut of retro JRPG Dragon Fantasy: Book II, Dragon Fantasy: The Black Tome of Ice is releasing on March 22 in North America for PlayStation 4, Muteki Corporation announced today. It will be coming to Europe “soon after” after March 22.

With The Black Tome of Ice, Muteki has fixed dozens of bugs, improved the storytelling, re-tuned all of the battles, added a new boss fight, and added some new features. Saying they’re finally able to “release the game as we wanted to the first time around,” President Bryan Sawler discussed the new features:

Do you like more of a challenge? Crank that new difficulty slider all the way up. You’ll have to pick each command carefully in battle or risk certain defeat. Prefer to breeze through the game? Turn it back down. You can do it whenever you want.

Are you more of a completionist? We added a new in-game bestiary to help you track which monsters you’ve defeated and captured.

Need help finishing your bounty hunts? The Thieve’s Guild has established outposts in every major town in the game to help you collect your earnings.

The Black Tome of Ice is included in the original cross-buy deal, so if you own Dragon Fantasy: Book II on PlayStation 3 or PlayStation Vita, you get the PS4 version for free.

As for the name change, Sawler said, “We reworked the story so that you can comfortably play through this game without ever having played previous games in the series, and wanted to make sure the game stood out on its own. Plus, it sounds cooler!”

If you’re wondering about Dragon Fantasy: Book III, it isn’t in development and would take about three years to complete if Muteki ever greenlit it.

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