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GTA V Publisher Take-Two: We Own More IP “Than We Can Even Deal With”

Rockstar parent publisher Take-Two Interactive currently presides over more IP now than ever before in the company’s decorated history, according to President Karl Slatoff.

Talking about the status of Take-Two at a Piper Jaffray event in New York earlier this week, Slatoff teased that the publisher currently owns more franchises “than [it] can even deal with.”

Per GameSpot: 

“Our IP situation, right now–it’s better than it’s ever been in the company’s history. We’ve got a lot of IP. We’ve got more IP than we can even deal with at this point in time and we’re always looking at generating new IP. So that is a very different circumstance than we were in back right before the Xbox 360 and PS3 launched.”

Grand Theft Auto still stands as the marquee franchise under the Take-Two umbrella – a title that isn’t going anywhere thanks to the continued success of Grand Theft Auto Online. Other tentpole series include XCOM, Gearbox’s BorderlandsNBA 2KWWE 2K, Mafia and Rockstar’s Red Dead Redemption.

During the same presentation, Slatoff went on to discuss the complex nature of monetization in “core gaming.” As he puts it, “recurrent consumer spending” has been one of the major revenue boons for GTA Online, though the Take-Two executive was critical of games that poorly implement paywalls and other such barriers. 

“When you put up roadblocks, and that’s how you monetize–that might work in a casual context, that sort of repetitive, addictive-type behavior–but we don’t believe it works at all and doesn’t really have a place in the context or core gaming.”

Tell us, what do you deem to be a fair use of monetization? 

[Source: GameSpot