Ubisoft Considers The Division a “Reference Point” for the Company’s Future

Buoyed by The Division‘s record-breaking launch, Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot has reflected on how the post-pandemic shooter will affect the publisher moving forward. 

Speaking with Polygon, Ubisoft’s head honcho doubled down on the monumental nature of The Division, and why the RPG shooter will be considered “a reference point for [Ubisoft’s] future.”

“Internally, I’ve heard people saying that for Ubisoft there will be a ‘before The Division’ and an ‘after The Division. That signifies how incredible we think the game is and how much we think it has to offer to players. The Division is a reference point for our future, and we certainly hope it is a game players will love.”

Citing the company’s much-touted open world template as an example, Guillemot touched base on the persistent world underpinning The Division, and how it allows users to “meet up with friends or meet new people who share the same interests.” Indeed this is something he considers to be “important motivations for many of our players, and they’re some of the reasons people keep coming back and spending more time in these types of games.”

The Division is currently available across PS4, Xbox One and PC. Our own Chandler Wood is currently trudging through the snow of NYC to finalize his review, so stay tuned to PlayStation LifeStyle over the coming days when we’ll have our own verdict of Ubisoft’s post-pandemic shooter for you to enjoy.

[Source: Polygon]