Battleborn Goes Gold, Beta is “Coming Soon”

Ahead of its release on May 3 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC, Battleborn has gone gold, Gearbox President Randy Pitchford announced today:

With development complete, Pitchford added that the beta is coming soon and they’re also working on “critical to live updates for launch.” Additionally, Gearbox will give out details on post-launch support very soon.

When the Battleborn open beta does begin, it will be exclusive to PS4 owners for a short time. Participants will also receive a character for free after launch, which Gearbox says they’ll begin working on after Battleborn comes out.

“Class. Sophistication. Insanity. Formerly butler to Phoebe, Marquis d’Caliber was driven mad by a sudden loss of connection to the LLC’s governing AI. Now, this high-society sociopath wreaks havoc on the unwashed masses in his endless pursuit of profit,” the above trailer’s description says.

Will you enter the Battleborn beta once it begins?

[Source: Randy Pitchford (Twitter)]