PS Plus Subscription Sale Offers 25 Percent Discount for EU PSN Gamers

For those EU PlayStation gamers, or if you’re using that particular region for your main account (yeah, some people do that), then you might want to jump on this deal right now — provided you play online and/or want a monthly slate of “free” games.

The EU PSN Store is offering a 25 percent discount for one-year PS Plus subscriptions. Unfortunately, it’s only available on the EU PS Store and (Australian PSN for $52.46) . Important to note that this is for re-subscribing only, so nope, you can’t stack or buy one if you’re already a PS+ member. 

Those who are still interested, you can buy the subscription directly here.

The discounted offer will run from March 16, 2016 up to March 31, 2016. Will Sony roll out the same deal for US gamers? I sure hope so. We’ll update you if and when that happens.

[Source: GearNuke]