The Division Trophy Guide

Welcome to PlayStation LifeStyle’s Trophy Guide for The Division! This highly anticipated title from Ubisoft comes packing 51 Trophies for all you Trophy hunters to earn. The list itself is pretty straight forward with mission completion, collectible related and a few gameplay specific Trophies. Some of these will be a bit time consuming, specifically, the collectible related Trophies. Overall, there isn’t really anything too difficult about this list. Although, depending on your experiences in the Dark Zone, those related to the DZ can either be earned quickly, or may take some time. It just depends on your online interactions with other players.

Glitch Warning: Unfortunately, there have been some reported cases of Trophies glitching and not unlocking. It appears as if any Trophy can randomly glitch out on players. Some players have had issues, and others have had no issues at all. As of this posting, there has not been a patch to correct the Trophy bugs. 

If any mission related Trophies glitch, you can replay the mission(s) until the Trophy in question pops. If you have a glitch happen on something that can not be replayed like upgrading your Base of Operations or picking up collectibles, these types of Trophies will need to be reattempted on a new character. 

Spoiler Warning: There are spoilers within this guide. If you’re trying to avoid spoilers, it is recommended that you complete the game before reading any further. 

Platinum Agent – Platinum

– Unlocked every Trophy in Tom Clancy’s The Division.

Follow this guide!

Activated – Bronze

– Get to Manhattan.

This Trophy is story related. 

Outbreak – Bronze

– Secure a sample of the original virus strain.

This Trophy is story related. 

Can’t Stand the Heat!

– Eliminate the leader of the Cleaners and escape the Napalm Production Site.

This Trophy is story related. 

Crime and Punishment – Bronze

– Eliminate the leader of the Rikers gang and her bodyguards in Lexington Event Center.

This Trophy is story related.

I’ve Got the Power – Bronze

– Secure the Power Plant.

This Trophy is story related.

Fly on the Wall – Bronze

– Restore the JTF comm relay.

This Trophy is story related.

Last Man Standing – Bronze

– Eliminate the leader of the Last Man Battalion and his men in the U.N. Building.

This Trophy is story related.

You Win Some, You Lose Some – Bronze

– Recover Tchernenko’s research data from the Russian Consulate.

This Trophy is story related.

What Needs To Be Done – Bronze

– Recover Charles Bliss’ propaganda tape.

This Trophy is story related.

The Final Curtain – Bronze

– Uncover the fates of Gordon Amherst and Aaron Keener.

This Trophy is story related.

On the Level – Gold

– Reach level 30 with an Agent.

This Trophy will come over time as you play through the game. You’ll be given XP for just about everything you do. Killing enemies, completing encounters, completing side missions, completing story missions and assisting civilians will all reward you with XP. The leveling does not take very long as long as you’re completing every mission and encounter.

Marathon – Bronze

– Discover ALL of the Safe Houses in Manhattan.

There are only 13 different Safe Houses to be unlocked, one in each section of the map. All you need to do to unlock a safe House is to enter it. The Safe Houses will be marked on your map as a blue color when you have not visited them yet. Once unlocked, the icons will turn orange. 

Once you reach Manhattan, the entire map will be available for exploration, so it is possible to unlock them all right off the bat. Although, some areas of the map contain high level enemies and will kill you fairly quickly. So, if you’re wanting to reach the Safe Houses early, you’ll need to reach them unnoticed by enemies.

Know No Fear – Gold

– Finish all of the missions at level 30 on the Hard difficulty.

This Trophy pertains to the story missions. They will remain on your map after you complete them and can be replayed. Each mission will have the option to change the difficulty from normal to hard. Go to the map and select what mission you would like to play and press Triangle to switch the difficulty to hard.

Obviously, with the harder difficulty, enemies will have more health and stronger weapons killing you more quickly.  

This Trophy can be completed either with a group, solo or a mix of the two. It’s really up to you how you want to play them. Also, the game doesn’t track which missions you’ve completed on hard, so you’ll need to remember or write them down as you finish them.

Hardened Combatant – Bronze

– Complete a mission in Challenge mode. 

Challenge mode won’t become available until you reach level 30. To select Challenge mode, you need to hold Triangle on a mission to replay it and then press Triangle again to select the difficulty. Challenge mode will be underneath hard labeled “Challenging.” Select challenging and complete the mission.

This won’t be easy, so going through with a group will really help. Remember to fully stock up on ammo and items before attempting challenge mode. Take it slow and be patient and of course, always stay behind cover.

United We Stand – Silver

– At lvl 30, start and complete a co-op mission without anyone being downed or dying.

This can be completed on any story mission. It can also be completed on normal difficulty. It’s easiest to group up and play one of the earlier missions. Just take your time and always use cover. 

Obviously, dying means a player has died. Downed, means a player is not dead, but near death. If anyone falls into either of these states, the Trophy will not unlock.

Shadows of the Past – Bronze

– Activate 63 ECHO scenes. 

There is an Echo in Chelsea that will be unavailable until you’ve completed the main story. After they are all completed, an extra mission will be added to your map called “Unknown Signal.” The Echo can picked up during this mission. (Thanks to GlockGuy1926 for the tip). See the Trophy “Incident Reports” for more details. 

Droning on… – Bronze

– Extract 16 aerial photos from crashed drones. 

See the Trophy “Incident Reports” for more details.

Survivalist – Bronze

– Recover 24 Survival Handbook pages. 

See the Trophy “Incident Reports” for more details.

Agent Diaries – Bronze

– Extract 130 phone recordings from phones in Manhattan.

See the Trophy “Incident Reports” for more details.

The Finder – Bronze

– Retrieve 20 missing First Wave Division Agent profiles.

See the Trophy “Incident Reports” for more details.

Incident Reports – Bronze

– Extract 40 audio incident reports from JTF laptops.

With all of the collectibles, there are a whopping 293 that need to be collected. None of them are missable, so don’t worry about that. As you’re exploring Manhattan, the collectibles will appear on your map if you’re near them. They will appear as blue icons. 

To make your life much easier, purchase the Canine Unit from the Security wing of your Base of Operations. This will mark all of the collectibles in whatever section you’re in on your map after completing all encounters and side missions in that section of Manhattan.

Gain a Foothold – Bronze

– Regroup with Faye Lau in the Base of Operations.

This Trophy is story related. 

The Enginer – Bronze

– Rescue Paul Rhodes.

This Trophy is story related.

The Doctor – Bronze

– Rescue and extract Dr. Jessica Kandel.

This Trophy is story related. 

The Captain – Bronze

– Rescue Captain Roy Benitez.

This Trophy is story related.

State of the Art – Gold

– Fully upgrade the Base of Operations.

There are three wings to your Base of Operations, the Medical wing, Security wing and Tech wing. Each wing will require credits specific to the wing type. You can check how many credits you have for each wing by pressing the Options button and the credits will be listed at the top. 

Credits can be earned by completing the story missions and encounters.

Skillz – Bronze

– Equip 10 different skill mods. 

Skill mods will be unlocked as you purchase wing upgrades for your Base of Operations. Each wing upgrade will unlock three skill mods. Once you have them unlocked, go to the Abilities tab of the Skills menu. You’ll be able to equip two active skills to your character. Then, you’ll be able to mod the skills you equip. 

The best way to do it is to just go down the list of mods, equip one and then equip the next. Just do that with 10 different mods and the Trophy will pop.

The following wing upgrades will unlock skill mods:


  • Dark Zone Ops
  • Supply Line
  • Gunsmith


  • Intensive Care
  • Hazmat Unit
  • Quarantine


  • Generators
  • Water Purification
  • Field Engineering

Skill Kill – Bronze

– Finish off 50 enemies using skills. 

The best skills to use for this Trophy are the Sticky Bomb, Turret or Seeker Mine skills. Press L1 to activate the skills. You can shoot the enemy to damage them and then use the skill to ensure you get the kill with the skill. These will rack up over time as long as you’re frequently using the skills.

The Humanitarian – Bronze

– Purchase the Canine Unit and Pediatric Care Base of Operation upgrades. 

The Canine Unit can be found in the Security wing and costs 200 credits. The Pediatric Care can be found in the Medical wing and also costs 200 credits.

Those Signature Moves – Bronze

– Activate any of the Signature Skills 100 times.

Signature Skills are unlocked by purchasing the Base of Operations upgrades that cost 1,000 credits. There are only three, the Recovery Link, Tactical Link and the Survivor Link. Once you equip one of the three Signature Skills, press L1 and R1 simultaneously to activate it. 

Natural Talent – Bronze

– Be attributed with a kill whilst having a talent active. 

Talents are located in the Abilities tab of the Skill menu. These are also unlocked by purchasing Base of Operations upgrades. Press R1 to activate a talent. Activate the talent and then quickly kill an enemy. 

One Down, Two to Go! – Silver

– Completely upgrade any one wing of the Base of Operations.

See the Trophy “State of the Art” for more details. 

Fixer Upper – Silver

– Completely upgrade any two wings of the Base of Operations.

See the Trophy “State of the Art” for more details.

Bling! Bling! – Silver

– Equip all equipment slots with superior or high end items.

Superior items are purple and high end items are yellow. These can be found by looting boxes out in Manhattan, killing enemies, completing missions or by purchasing them. All equipment slots need to either be equipped with all purple, all yellow or a mix of purple and yellow. 

Here are the equipment slots:

  • Primary Weapon
  • Secondary Weapon
  • Sidearm 
  • Body Armor 
  • Mask
  • Knee pads
  • Backpack
  • Gloves 
  • Holster

Good With My Hands – Bronze

– Craft 10 items.

See the Trophy “Master Craftsman” for more details.

Master Craftsman – Silver

– Craft a high end item.

In order to craft an item, you’ll need to have crafting components which can be found by looting in Manhattan or by deconstructing your gear. There is a crafting station inside of your Base of Operations where items can be made. The items are colored coded for rank and for a high end item, you’ll need to craft a yellow item. You can also craft 10 lower end items that cost a lower amount of components to unlock Good With My Hands.

Deconstructive Criticism – Bronze

– Deconstruct 100 items. 

You can deconstruct items by going into your gear inventory and hold R3. You’ll constantly be finding new gear as you play through the game. The lower end items that you’re planning on not using, are perfect targets to be deconstructed. Just keep doing this with items you don’t want and eventually it’ll pop.

Looking For Group – Bronze

– Join or create a group.

You can invite someone to your party or you can join a random group via the pre mission matchmaking either in the game before entering a mission zone or on the map via the Touch Pad. You can also press the Options button and then go to the Group Management menu to manage your invites and party.

Medic! – Bronze

– Revive a teammate 20 times in co-op.

When playing with a group, if a teammate’s health runs out, they’ll either be downed or dead. In both of these states, you can go up to them and hold Square to revive them. This Trophy is accumulative.

Lean On Me – Bronze

– Heal or buff 100 times whilst in a group.

The easiest way to unlock this Trophy is to use the First Aid Heal. It’ll create a ring that will heal any one of your group members while they are in it.

Networking – Bronze

– Complete 20 missions as part of a group.

Invite a player(s) to your party or join any group and complete missions to earn this. It does not need to be 20 consecutive missions and it does not need to be with the same group. The only missions that count toward this are the story missions. The side missions and encounters do not not count.

Shut That Door – Bronze

– Close a car door whilst in cover. 

All you need to do is take cover against a car by pressing X and then move along the car across the door to close it.

Raid the Arsenal – Bronze

– Kill 1 enemy with each of the 6 gun classes.

The guns can be looted throughout Manhattan, bought from vendors or given as rewards for completing missions. As the Trophy states, there are only six different weapon types.

  1. Handguns
  2. Shotguns
  3. Sniper Rifle
  4. Assault Rifle
  5. Submachine Gun
  6. Light Machine Gun

Worth the Wait – Bronze

– Successfully extract a contaminated item from the Dark Zone.

See the Trophy “Mass Extraction” for more details. 

Mass Extraction – Bronze

– Extract an item at all 8 extraction zones.

The Dark Zone works a little bit differently than the normal Manhattan. While in the Dark Zone, any items you pick up are not automatically given to you. You’ll pick them up, but then you’ll need to go to an extraction area and extract before an item will be given to you. The extraction areas are marked as orange icons with an arrow on your map. 

Once you reach an extraction area, you’ll need to press Square to initiate an extraction timer. During this timer, other players may come and either extract items of their own, or they will try and kill you. It can be a quite tense situation so be sure to be on guard and ready.

There are only eight different extraction zones and you just need to extract at least one item per zone. Extracting a yellow or purple item will also net you the “Plundered!” Trophy.

Plundered! – Bronze

– Extract a superior or high end item from the Dark Zone.

See the Trophy “Mass Extraction” for more details.

Headhunter – Bronze

– Kill a named elite in the Dark Zone.

See the Trophy “You Just Made the List…” for more details.

You Just Made the List… – Bronze

– Kill 10 named enemies in the Dark Zone.

The named enemies are the soldiers that have a yellow health bar with a unique name just above it. All you need to do is kill 10 of them. You can actually kill the same named enemy 10 times and that will pop the Trophy. It’s also easier if you do this in DZ01 as the enemies will be easier in this area of the Dark Zone.

For Justice! – Bronze

– Kill a player who has gone rogue.

See the Trophy “I am the LAW!” for more details.

I am the LAW! – Bronze

– Kill 20 rogue agents.

Another aspect of the Dark Zone that is different than Manhattan are the rogue agents. Rogue agents are human players that have killed other human players. You become rogue when you attack another human player. You’ll know a player has gone rogue when they have a skull over their heads.

If you’re playing in the Dark Zone frequently, this Trophy will just come over time as surviving the Dark Zone often requires you to defend yourself against other players. One more thing, if you kill a rogue player, you will not become rogue yourself. 

Thank you for using our guide! If you have any questions or tips, feel free to leave them in the comments below! Happy Trophy hunting!