Former PlayStation Dev Says VR Buzz is “Slightly Over-Heated”

Former PlayStation VR developer, Dr David Ranyard, has warned against what he calls the “VR anti-climax.” In an interview with MCV, Ranyard said that the buzz surrounding Virtual Reality is “slightly over-heated” but said that it’s still “super exciting” to see people discussing the technology.

It feels, in all honestly, slightly over-heated. I am super into VR, so I’m very excited about it. But everybody is chasing it at the moment, so there might be an anti-climax for some people who perhaps don’t have quite the right skill that is needed at the moment, and it doesn’t quite work about it. But it is still super-exciting to see everybody talking about it.

Ranyard went on to say that the anti-climax is likely to occur sometime next year. He is of the view that PlayStation VR will do well due to its price and entertainment factor but after the hype slows down, the VR market will build slowly but steadily. 

My view is that there is a lot of anticipation and a lot of demand as a result of that. It will be exciting, we’ve experienced some great stuff [during GDC], so it is a big step-change in the kinds of the experience you can have, but in terms of the business-side, my personal view is that there will be a boom, particularly towards the end of the year, I think the PlayStation one will do very well because the price is very good and it is very entertainment focused. This time next year, it might be a bit of an anti-climax. But actually after that, I think it will build slow and steady.

You can check out Raynard’s full interview with MCV by following the source link below. 

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[Source: MCV]