Ubisoft Aware of The Division Backpack Issue Locking People Out of Their Account

Yesterday, Ubisoft Community Manager Natchai Stappers took to their forums to confirm that Ubisoft Massive is aware of an issue in The Division where some people are locked out of their account.

According to Stappers, the issue is caused by having crafted a High-End backpack:

We are aware that some of you are experiencing an issue where you are locked out of your account.

This is usually caused by having crafted a High-End backpack. We are looking to resolve this, it’s one of our main priorities at the moment.

On his Twitter account earlier today, Stappers said, “For people asking, I personally don’t have updates on the connecting/backpack issue as I’m not at work for the rest of the week. Sorry!”

You can help Ubisoft with the issue by posting detailed information on this forum thread.

Reports of the account locking and disconnecting have been on-going for some time now, with one user explaining:

So, I had this issue earlier today of one of my guns not appearing in my inventory (sniper with a few attachments) and decided to log out to see if it would return back to normal when logging back in. I was met with a 20+ minute long connecting screen and have not been able to get back in the game since. My friends can log in and everything but I’m stuck just waiting and trying again and again.

Have you experienced this problem before?

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