Metal Gear Online Update on April 7 Will Address Flinching, Add Survival Mode

With the March Update and Cloaked in Silence DLC released last week, the Metal Gear Online Twitter account addressed some recent feedback, saying the next Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain update will help fix reported issues.

Here’s what they said will be implemented with Metal Gear Online update 1.11 on April 7:

Regarding a frequently mentioned concern, the team would like to share some update news to inform affected players.

Players have experienced moments where flinch or stagger motion that occurs when shot while moving can leave them temporarily invulnerable. Likewise, forward movement can continue through the animation causing the player to appear to “teleport” to different locations.

The team is aware of these unintended responses in matches and are making changes to counter this concern.

The April 7 update also includes the 6v6 Survival Mode and “a few other new features and adjustments.”

Konami added that they’re still listening to player feedback and will continue to make changes to improve Metal Gear Online gameplay.

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