Yoshida: PlayStation VR Cinematic Mode Is Great for Immersion, “Not Great If You Want to See Graphical Details”

On Twitter, Sony Worldwide Studios President Shuhei Yoshida said, “A few people asked me if PlayStation Gold Headset works with [PlayStation VR], and yes, I use it on my PS VR no problem.”

This led to the question of whether or not it worked wired or wirelessly, prompting Yoshida to say, “Wired. 3D Audio on PS VR only works when connected by stereo mini plug to the remote on the cable from the headset.”

Shuhei then responded to questions about using PSVR without a TV, how audio is handled, and more:

He also said that Pulse headsets work with PSVR and, although he hasn’t personally tried them yet, Shuhei thinks Turtle Beach headsets and the Astro A40 TR would work with PSVR as well.

After tweeting a picture of himself playing Dark Souls 3 using PlayStation VR’s Cinematic Mode (above), Yoshida was asked if it was the best way to play. According to him, “[Cinematic Mode is] great if you want to be fully immersed with a big screen, not great if you want to see graphical details (loses resolutions).”

Shuhei then added that there are three different screen sizes for Cinematic Mode’s virtual screen; it works with blu-ray movies, videos, and “pretty much” every PlayStation 4 game; and non-VR games run at their native frame-rate.

As for those of you who wear glasses, he said PS VR still works well and you can play “as long as you want” while wearing them.

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