Lithium: Inmate 39 Is a Horror Puzzle Game Coming Soon to PS4

Set to be available soon, developer CanuArts announced today that Lithium: Inmate 39 is coming to PlayStation 4.

A 3D puzzle/platformer, Lithium puts you in control of a psychiatric patient who must find the way back to his origins. Throughout the seven different chapters set in Inmate 39’s vision of his world, there will be hundreds of traps, perils, and puzzles, with traumatic memories of his past taking the form of enemies.

Producer Marlon Cascante added that Lithium will amp up the sense of claustrophobia and panic with fixed camera angles:

While developing the game we have taken into account elements from classic horror games that we have enjoyed ourselves and that genre fans will recognize when playing. Around 30 different types of enemies and creatures are cleverly designed and each one has a meaningful connection with the main story. Most of them are inspired by drawings created by real psychiatric patients.

We are introducing a game with an unsettling, gloomy, and intriguing atmosphere. It is designed in grey scale colors with vivid blood red being displayed in dangerous and deadly situations. In order to increase the sense of claustrophobia and panic, fixed camera angles have strategically been placed to force the main character to confront his worst nightmares. In moments like this a very powerful ally will be helpful to furiously tear apart and destroy your enemies.

A release window wasn’t given for Lithium, but CanuArts did reveal that additional DLC will be available at launch.

[Source: PS Blog]