Final Fantasy VII Remake Dev CyberConnect2 Working on Eight Games, Including Unannounced VR Title

Prolific Japanese developer CyberConnect2 is currently working on eight games across its network of studios, one of which being Square’s Final Fantasy VII Remake. 

Word comes by way of Polygon, revealing that of the eight titles currently in the works, five are being developed for consoles and three for mobile platforms. Lastly, there’s also a virtual reality game brewing in production, described as “a new IP with an unannounced partner.”

When quizzed about CyberConnect2’s bustling slate, CEO Hiroshi Matsuyama cautioned that he doesn’t intend on spreading resources to thin, stating “we don’t really want to get our hands in as many pies as possible.” Rather, Matsuyama-san wants to nurture a small group of franchises. 

Across its offices in Fukuoka and Tokyo, CyberConnect 2 currently employs around 220 people, and for a comprehensive timeline of the company’s decorated 20-year history, you can head over to Polygon. 

[Source: Polygon]