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Final Fantasy XV Trailer Blowout Reveals More Gameplay, Story Info, Platinum Demo & Brotherhood Anime Series

Someone over at Square Enix must have heard you love yourself some trailers, because they’ve hit hard offering some big reveals. 

Here’s all the new gameplay footage, interactions between key characters, Platinum Demo information, and an announcement for the Brotherhood Final Fantasy XV anime series:

Final Fantasy XV – Reclaim Your Throne

Final Fantasy XV – Uncovered (Japanese Trailer)

Platinum Demo – Final Fantasy XV Announcement Trailer

Brotherhood Final Fantasy XV Announcement Trailer

The first episode of Brotherhood Final Fantasy XV is embedded below for your enjoyment. The description reads: 

BROTHERHOOD FINAL FANTASY XV is a new anime series consisting of five standalone episodes. BROTHERHOOD delves into the extraordinary friendships between Crown Prince Noctis and his three comrades, setting the stage for the adventure players will set out upon in the action-packed RPG. Subsequent episodes will be released before the game’s launch. All episodes can be streamed for free.

[Source: Final Fantasy XV (YouTube)]

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