Final Fantasy XV Demo Now Available on the PlayStation Store, Is 3.5GB

Announced last night, the free Final Fantasy XV Platinum Demo is now available to download from the PlayStation Store in North America and Europe.

A 3.5GB download, the Platinum Demo takes you to a fragmented dreamscape of Noctis as a child. Featuring a storyline that’s unique to the demo and won’t be available in the final version of the main game, you play as young Noctis as he masters weapons, magic skills, and driving. Along the journey you’ll have Carbuncle as a magical guide, and everyone who completes the demo will unlock the exclusive Carbuncle summon DLC for the full game at launch on September 30.

Digital pre-orders of Final Fantasy XV also went live in North America and Europe, offering a premium pack that includes the following as a bonus: the 16-Bit Buddies car recolor, the legendary Masamune sword, a handy Angler Set, and a Final Fantasy XV home screen theme.

Additionally, Florence Welch from Florence + the Machine spoke about her rendition of Stand by Me that appears in the above trailer:

I’ve always seen FINAL FANTASY as mythical, beautiful and epic. ‘Stand by Me’ is one of the greatest songs probably of all time and you can’t really improve on it, you just have to make it your own. For me it was just about bringing the song into the world of Florence and the Machine and the world of FINAL FANTASY.

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Will you be downloading the demo today?