Rainbow Six Siege Update 2.3 Is Live Today on PS4 & Xbox One

Previously expected on Tuesday, but delayed due to a matchmaking bug being discovered, Rainbow Six Siege update 2.3 is available to download on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, following some server maintenance today.

Roughly a 617MB download depending on your platform, update 2.3 is designed to improve upon the Ranked experience, while also balancing the game. These changes include cheating counter-measure improvements, gameplay fixes, Ranked matchmaking improvements, and more, as you can see in the partial list of patch notes:

General Tweaks and Improvements

Balancing: Operators

Frost’s Super 90 Shotgun falloff damage now begins earlier

  • We tweaked the falloff damage of Frost’s shotgun. The falloff previously started at 5 meters. It will now begin at 3.5 meters, making it roughly on par with the M1014. We have made this choice because Frost’s Super 90 had too much range, making Frost too powerful alongside her Nitro Cells and Welcome Mats.

Buck’s Skeleton Key’s environmental destruction has been enhanced

  • We have designed Buck with the intention of having him be a versatile Operator that is able to go wherever he desires. We do not believe that the state he currently is in reflects this.
  • The initial intent was to use his underslung shotgun as a tool and not so much as a weapon. As the pros have shown us in the Pro League, it is working as a tool, but it could definitely be more efficient and useful.
  • Therefore, we have decided to increase the environmental destruction of Buck’s underslung shotgun.

Balance: Spawn Killing Countermeasures

Spawn Location Tweaks

In the last patch, we had altered multiple spawn positions and covers within spawning location areas in order to ensure that players spawning within them are protected from the Defenders.

We are continuing to monitor and improve on this and have added more spawn killing countermeasures with this patch:

  • Yacht: added an ice block to prevent spawn killing on Snow Mobile.
  • Bank: added an advertisement panel (2 windows in the Lobby) to block a spawn kill line of sight on the Street.

Ranked Matchmaking Improvements

We are aware there are multiple issues at the moment with the Ranked playlist, and we’re working on several iterations to make this playlist what it deserves to be. The following fixes are the ones that could be delivered short-term, which we believe will have the biggest impact. Keep in mind that there are several other improvements in our plans for the future – read the top issues section of the known issues list, under ‘Ranked Matchmaking’ for additional information on said plans.

Ranked matches will now only start if there are 10 players in the lobby.

Our intention is that Ranked matches should be fair. Having matches start without having two full teams of 5 goes against the promise of this playlist. Therefore, we have altered the flow of Ranked matches so that if a players leaves during match countdown, the countdown will now reset. The lobby will stay open with the remaining players and the matchmaking will proceed to find new players to refill said lobby.

We do anticipate a problem with this flow: because players can see the rank, K/D ratio and W/L ratio of other players in the lobby, there tends to be lots of “dodging” during this phase. Because of this, we’re currently investigating two other elements that we might revamp in the future:

  • UI: we will most likely hide some players information in the lobby, as we don’t think they’re necessarily relevant for this specific portion of the match flow.
  • Abandon system: we’re investigating making it so that abandoning a lobby that is full will count as an abandon – there is additional development needs for this, which is why we couldn’t have this feature in time for this update.

Cheating Counter-measure Improvements

As previously announced in this forum post, we have expanded our criteria to identify potential cheaters. If identified as a potential cheater, that player will be immediately removed from the game and receive a temporary suspension, now accompanied with the following messages:

  • FairFight™ – You have been temporarily suspended for 5 mins – Level 1 Monitoring Active
  • FairFight™ – You have been temporarily suspended for 1 hour – Level 2 Monitoring Active
  • FairFight™ – You have been temporarily suspended for 24 hours – Level 3 Monitoring Active
  • FairFight™ – You have been temporarily suspended for 48 hours – Level 4 Monitoring Active
  • FairFight™ – You have been temporarily suspended for 1 week – Level 5 Monitoring Active
  • FairFight™ – You have been permanently suspended

Gameplay Fixes

  • The incorrect amount of remaining health is displayed for the victorious Operator when a defeated player is viewing the KillCam replay. – FIXED
  • Idle players on a team will receive an idle kick from the match if the other team quits during Preparation Phase. – FIXED
  • Players are able to clip through unbreakable walls by running at a wall and lifting a gadget in front of them at the last second before hitting the wall. – FIXED
  • Thermite can’t place an Exothermic Charge on a damaged wall with a hole big enough to fit the charge. – FIXED
  • Montagne can shoot before finishing the animation for unextending the shield. – FIXED
  • Parts of Glaz’s scope will disappear while entering ADS mode. – FIXED
  • Sledge’s Breaching Hammer has a low and delayed controller rumble when used. – FIXED
  • Sometimes the drones’ black and white filter is overridden by Mute’s colored jammer effect. – FIXED
  • Players are rewarded with Renown and XP if the other team quits the session before playing at least 2 rounds. – FIXED
  • Terrorist AI end up in a loop between evade and idle reaction for every damage tick received from poison gas. – FIXED

Follow the link below to see a full list of all the changes.

Ubisoft then teased that Season 2 is next up for Rainbow Six Siege, which is expected to begin this month.

[Source: Ubisoft Forums]