The Witness Update 1.02 on PS4 Addresses Motion Sickness

As announced by Jonathan Blow yesterday, a new The Witness update is live on PlayStation 4 in North America, with Europe expected to receive it today.

Although Blow didn’t give out patch details, Reddit user AlphaMarshan has reported that it added new options to help combat motion sickness. This includes the ability to turn on or turn off a reticle in the center, the field-of-view slider can be adjusted from 80 to 100, and there’s “vignetting” options, which darkens the screen around the edges.

“I’ve played for about 15-20min so far and I will say that it DOES seem to help,” AlphaMarshan says. “I used to get so sick after 20-30min that I had to turn it off.”

The update is reportedly a 3.5GB download and, according to The Witness Twitter account, also fixes an issue where the screen is blank after loading the game.

Did you notice any other changes with The Witness update 1.02?

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