Bungie Weekly Update Heralds Tweaks to Destiny’s Crucible, Weapon Tuning

In what will be the studio’s final Weekly Update before the April update drops, Bungie has sampled Destiny‘s new Crucible and lived to tell the tale.  

Due to go live on Tuesday, April 12, the studio claims that the new content “will change the way you fight,” with everything from ammunition drops to reviving downed Guardians receiving a handful of tweaks. 

Per Bungie:

Aside from giving you new things to do and new things to earn, the April Update will change the way you fight. Special and Heavy Ammunition will appear on the battlefield less frequently, and (in some cases) you may be carrying less of it. Reviving your teammates will require some more strategic decision making on your part. Weapons have gone back to the workbench. Warlocks will display some nuanced shifts in their talents.

Elsewhere, there’s also word of the extensive weapon tuning headed to Destiny. After weeks spent “turning knobs, digesting data, playtesting, and then playtesting some more,” Senior Designer Jon Weisnewski and Designer Greg Peng listed all of the changes via Bungie’s official blog, pinpointing the goals and eventual changes releasing for Auto Rifles, Hand Cannons, Pulse Rifles and the like. 

Bundling together a PlayStation-exclusive quest and sniper rifle, Destiny‘s April update will drop for all platforms on Tuesday, April 12. 

[Source: Bungie]