PS Vita Dungeon Crawler Ray Gigant’s Battle System Explained, New Info Released

Acttil has released new information about PlayStation Vita dungeon crawler, Ray Gigant, which is due out in the West in May 2016. In a press release, the publisher detailed the title’s characters, battle system, enemy, and more. Get all the information below:

Innovative Battle System

Unlike ordinary turn based RPG battles, Ray Gigant adopts a unique style where you will be fighting massive enemies from different distances and perspectives. Your party is comprised of 3 characters, each with their own unique abilities to engage in 3-way view battles. Also use the rhythm-based, Slash Beat system to unleash deadly attacks while feeling the fate of the heroes and heroine resonate through their bodies!

Flow of Game

In Ray Gigant, players will start off with the story part to set the setting and then adventure off into the dungeons for exploration and battles. Your team will be comprised of three characters, each with unique abilities and will have to face various forms of enemies. After boss battles there will be event scenes to further progress the story.

The Three Main Characters

Ichiya Amakaze (Chapter 1) A light-hearted, energetic hero of Chapter 1. Coming from a normal family, he awakens to a mysterious power, the “Habakiri,” during the siege on Tokyo.

Kyle Griffin (Chapter 2) The hero of Chapter 2 born a noble, but raised without love from his mother. Very intelligent, but his upbringing gave him a skewed view of the world. Uses the Yorigami, “Answerer.”

Nil Phineus (Chapter 3) An innocent girl trained to fight the Gigants. Uses the Yorigami, “Kukulkan.” Works hard to protect the islands in the Caribbean from the Gigants.

Allies You Trust

Mana Izano (Chapter 1) Ichiya’s long time friend. A caring girl who can’t seem to differentiate love from friendship

Kazuomi Miwa (Chapter 2) Ichiya’s reliable partner. Very stern and straightforward in his doings.

Your Nemesis: The Gigants

Gigants are mysterious life-forms that invaded the Earth from space. Various forms and sizes of Gigants have been confirmed, and each take the form of creatures and beasts of legend. The difference – their celestial aura of prominence are gone, and instead, carry the form of the creatures of legend in their “tainted” form.

Ray Gigant will be available in digital format for both the North American and European PSN Stores.