Dragon Ball FighterZ’s New Character Kefla Has a Slew of New Moves, Updated Battle System

Bandai Namco recently published Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot, but that isn’t stopping the company from supporting 2018’s Dragon Ball FighterZ. FighterZ will be getting a new season of content at the end of the month featuring an updated battle system, training mode, and additional character named Kefla. This character is a fusion of Kale and Caulifla as part of the Dragon Ball Super series and is considered to be an all-powerful foe—more so than Goku in his Super Saiyan God form.

Thanks to Siliconera for the translation from Ryokutya2089. Here’s what to expect from Kefla:

  • Special Attacks: “Fast Cannon Ball,” “Gigantic Breaker”
  • Super Special Attack: “Gigantic Ray” – Shoots opponents with a bunch of Ki blasts in mid-air.
  • Meteor Attack: “Gigantic Boost”

Dragon Ball FighterZ is also getting some new battle system features.

  • Z Assist Select: This allows players to select a character’s Assist Attack. Each character has three different Assist Attacks to choose from.
  • Limit Break Super Power: When you have one character remaining the meter changes to a golden color that automatically provides a huge boost in attack power. You can also use this together with Sparking.

And finally, Season 3’s new training mode will allow other in-game characters to serve as your “sensei” to train, and completing training tasks will grant rewards for players, giving a good inventive to jump into training.

Dragon Ball FighterZ Season 3 will go live on February 28, 2020, for all players, while those who own the game’s Pass 3 will gain early access to Kefla on February 26, 2020.

Dragon Ball FighterZ released for PS4, Xbox One, and PC and garnered positive reviews. We liked it a lot here at PSLS and awarded it an 8.5. It’s one of the top-selling Dragon Ball Z games and has sold over 4 million units worldwide.

[Source: Ryokutya2089 via Siliconera]

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