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dragon ball fighterz season 2

Dragon Ball FighterZ’s Second Season Pass Will Be Revealed in Late January

Please, no more Goku and/or Vegeta variants.

World End Syndrome Characters

Get to Know Miu Before World End Syndrome Arrives in the West

I see you, Miu.

Kunio Izasuze-Kobayashi-san 2

It Looks Like There’s a New Kunio-Kun Game in the Works

Could a Western release happen?

granblue fantasy versus interview

Granblue Fantasy Versus is Designed for Beginners

Gotta have more time to take in that character art.

granblue fantasy versus

Fighting Game Granblue Fantasy Versus Announced for the PS4, Developed By Arc System Works

Check out a trailer,

dragon ball fighterz update

Dragon Ball FighterZ’s Newest Update Adds Custom Tournaments

Yes, there’s a Goku Black-only tournament.

world end syndrome ps4

Mystery and Romance Await in World End Syndrome

Presumably, this summer vacation can go very, very poorly.

world end syndrome

Mystery Visual Novel, World End Syndrome, Releasing in the West in Spring 2019

Headed to the PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch.

dragon ball fighterz deluxe edition

Check Out This PS4-Exclusive Dragon Ball FighterZ Collector’s Edition From Japan

Everything together in one big, happy package.

dissidia final fantasy nt roster

Yuna Joins Dissidia Final Fantasy NT Roster, New Stage Revealed

A free-to-play version has been announced in Japan.

dragon ball fighterz sales numbers

Dragon Ball FighterZ Sales Numbers Top 3.5 Million

It’s a super saiyan seller.

kunio-kun the world classics collection includes double dragon

Double Dragon Trilogy Announced for Kunio-kun: The World Classics Collection

This is some deep cut stuff.

the missing launch trailer

The Missing’s Launch Trailer Gets Real Spooky

Looks like an October release is perfect for The Missing.

kill la kill the game if story

Arc System Works Drops Story Details for Kill la Kill the Game: IF

Having original talent involved here is promising.

dragon ball fighterz android 17 dlc

Android 17 Is the Next Dragon Ball FighterZ DLC

The whole Android crew can get back together again.

The Missing Release Date

The Missing, Fittingly, Releases This October

Environmental puzzle solving with a horrific twist.

the missing story

Arc System Works Shares More About The Missing

“An absurd perversion that can only be achieved through Swerism.”

the missing trailer

Swery’s The Missing Trailer Makes it Marginally Less Vague

Solve problems by utilizing your misery, just like in real life!

the missing website

Arc System Works Launches Website for Swery’s The Missing

The Missing is a lot more visible now.

New Dragon Ball FighterZ Patch

Dragon Ball FighterZ Patch 1.11 Enters the Arena

This new patch is available now.