DNF Duel Brawler

DNF Duel: Brawler Joins Fighting Game’s Roster Today

The next DNF Duel DLC fighter has joined the Nexon and Arc System Works 2.5D fighting game’s roster, with Brawler now being available for purchase.

What is Brawler like in DNF Duel?

“Clad in an iconic leather jacket adorned with chains, Brawler’s violent disposition and charismatic, albeit sinister charm, are matched only by his unparalleled combat skills,” reads the character’s description. “With an arsenal that includes concealed weapons, long-reaching chain attacks, poison-rigged mines, needles and explosives, his unshakable self-assuredness in a fight has earned him a reputation as the ultimate underworld antihero. Brawler’s ferocity and dynamic combat can be tough to overcome, but his distinctive appearance and skills add an electrifying and unforgettable element to any fight.

“Players can unlock Brawler’s electrifying Awakening skill when the HP is at either 30% or less by selecting a Gold Cube, or when the HP is 50% or less by selecting a Clear Cube. With a club wrapped in explosives, Brawler delivers a fierce bludgeon to his opponent, unleashing catastrophic explosions and leaving an indelible mark on the battlefield.”

Check out the DNF Duel Brawler gameplay video on YouTube below:

Brawler is now available as part of DNF Duel’s Season Pass, which costs $19.99, or to be purchased separately for $6.99. The Season Pass also includes the character Spectre as well as three additional characters coming at a later date.

Until September 27, DNF Duel is also on sale for 60% off on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch, and PC.