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nexon for sale

Korean Gaming Behemoth Nexon Is Being Sold for a Whopping $9 Billion

Who’ll buy Nexon?

lawbreakers publisher

Nexon Founder Reportedly Selling Controlling Stake, EA and Tencent in List of Potential Buyers

That came out of nowhere.

patrick soderlund new studio

Ex-EA Exec Patrick Söderlund Opens New Studio

The new studio is partnering with Nexon.

lawbreakers shut down

LawBreakers Officially Shuts Down Following Community Farewell Event

“Hardest development,” says former dev.

japanese stocks down

Japanese Game Company Stocks Dip Amid Chinese Gaming Market Freeze

When things stop moving, the numbers take a big hit.

lawbreakers failure

Former Nexon Vice President Cancels His Talk on LawBreakers’ Failure

Vlad Coho cancelled the talk “out of respect.”

Lawbreakers Flopped

Former Nexon Vice President’s Going to Talk About How LawBreakers Flopped

You know a game’s bad when someone from its publisher says it flopped.

Boss key next game

Admitting Defeat, LawBreakers Studio Boss Key Moves On To Next Game

The studio has already been hard at work on something new.

lawbreakers publisher

LawBreakers Publisher Nexon Suffers Layoffs, Says the Game Isn’t to Blame

Restructuring was necessary to streamline operations.

lawbreakers patch

LawBreakers Publisher has Written Off the Title as a Loss, Failure Blamed on PUBG

A perfect storm of factors led to its commercial failure.

LawBreakers Update

Latest LawBreakers Update Adds Boss Leagues Season 0 Rewards, Check Out the Patch Notes

The update is live.

LawBreakers Update 1.3 Out Now, Adds Tutorials and Limits Character Stacking

No character balancing tweaks in this update.

lawbreakers player count

Cliff Bleszinski Talks LawBreakers’ Low Concurrent Player Count, PS4’s “Hungry” Audience, and More

LawBreakers is a “marathon and not a sprint.”

Lawbreakers’ Trench Map Shown Off in New Videos

Get an overview and watch some action.

lawbreakers dev

LawBreakers PS4 Closed Beta Runs Until July 5, Limited Run Games Producing Physical Version

The game’s experiencing some matchmaking issues.

lawbreakers shut down

E3 2017 – LawBreakers Hands-On Preview – Freaky Floaty Fighting (PS4)

It’s boots-on-the-ground combat…In the air!

lawbreakers publisher

LawBreakers Release Date Announced, Pre-Order Starts This Week

Sooner than you think!

lawbreakers failure

Boss Key Talks LawBreakers PS4 and PC Release, Says “Choices Had to Be Made”

PS4 beta coming soon.

lawbreakers publisher

LawBreakers Comes to PS4 Later This Year, Priced at $29.99

Bleszinski says they “don’t want to fragment our playbase with silo’d season pass BS.”