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Master Roshi Can’t Super Dash in Dragon Ball FighterZ, But He Does Get Swole

Players are already getting excited that Master Roshi will be the third DLC character in the Season 3 battle pass for Dragon Ball FighterZ, due out in September. And while the reveal trailer had scant few details, it did provide a number of hints towards what the old Turtle Hermit’s in-game abilities could potentially look like. Thanks to the ever-reliable reveals of V-Jump Magazine in Japan, we now know a bit more about Master Roshi and his fighting abilities as it pertains to Dragon Ball FighterZ. Multiple sources translating the soon-to-be-released piece from V-Jump say that while the Kamehameha master doesn’t have a super dash like the rest of the cast (minus Videl), he has a slew of other tactics to more than make up for the loss.

V-Jump has a track record when it comes to fighting game information reveals and strikes gold yet again with Master Roshi. While the initial translations come from blogger Ryukutya2089, fighting game site Event Hubs have also provided translation giving us multiple sources. The first and most striking news is that Roshi will lack a super dash, keeping with canon as he’s one of the few fighters from the franchise that doesn’t fly by energy manipulation. Instead, he will have an angled leaping attack that is expected to be bound to his skill ability button where the standard ki blast would go. Expect cross-up shenanigans similar to Guilty Gear or, for a better comparison, previous DLC character Kid Goku from Dragon Ball GT.

Roshi will also possess a number of abilities straight out of the manga and anime. His first super, the Thunder Shock Surprise, will be unblockable by opponents in the air. This move was first seen used by Roshi under the guise of Jackie Chun against Goku in the first world material arts tournament arc of Dragon Ball. Also coming from this arc is the Sleepy Boy Technique, which will be a command throw-type move that stuns enemies if they’re blocking. His second super attack starts with a cane strike that will allow players to expend more super meter in order to finish the attack with a Kamehameha.

Speaking of the Kamehameha, it wouldn’t be Master Roshi without him getting swole and firing off the max-power version of his trademark technique. His level 3 super does just this, proving that age ain’t nothing but a number when it comes to getting thick. Finally, and as expected, the Evil Containment Wave has a lock-out effect that will keep enemies from tagging in the character that gets stuck in the spirit jar, making Roshi potentially very strong in certain situations.

It’s fantastic to see the characters of Dragon Ball FighterZ be so specific to the lore of the franchise and Roshi appears to be no different. Plan to get your hands on the Turtle Hermit when he comes out as the third character of the Season 3 battle pass in September.