Final Fantasy XV’s Flying Car Set to Be Fully Controllable, Square Confirms

Square Enix has confirmed that the flying car glimpsed towards the end of the Final Fantasy XV trailer will be fully controllable in the final game — just don’t expect to unlock it early on. 

Word comes by way of Game Informer, where Game Director Hajime Tabata offered up new details regarding the airborne automobile. First and foremost, don’t expect to encounter enemies while flying, with Tabata-san noting that “we don’t plan on placing enemies in the sky. Rather, the vehicle will be dedicated for transportation purposes.”

Unlocked towards the end of the story much like airships in previous Final Fantasy releases, the executive went on to reveal that “the player will obtain the flying Regalia near the end of the game as an additional challenge. When certain conditions are met, the car is remodeled to the flying model.”

Exactly what those “certain conditions” are remains to be seen. Final Fantasy XV launches across PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on September 30. 

[Source: Game Informer]