Titanfall 2 to Include “Top Secret” Pilot Ability & New “Network Optimizations”

A keen staffer over at VideoGamer has spotted a few curious Titanfall 2 details on a former developer’s LinkedIn profile page.

Glenn Fiedler had been spending the last year and a half “working on server-side network optimizations” to help “reduce dedicated server costs, reduce bandwidth usage and improve the fidelity of the multiplayer experience.”

While that’s certainly interesting, the juiciest details come next, with the ex-Respawn Entertainment dev stating that he finished working on a “large server-side network system rewrite to support Titanfall 2 and successfully prototyped a new pilot ability (top secret!) which was well received by the team and should make it into the final game.”


What could be added to the existing wall running and jetpacking abilities, I wonder!

Perhaps we’ll hear more about this “top secret” ability during the big gameplay reveal at EA’s E3 event “EA Play.” We’ll have to wait until June 12 to find out!

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What do you make of this new ability? What would you like to see added in the Titanfall 2 PS4 release?

[Source: LinkedIn (via VideoGamer)]