Doom Open Beta Extended Until the End of Today, April 18

If you didn’t get a chance to play the Doom open beta over the weekend (download it here), or want to play it for even longer, Bethesda and id Software announced that it’s been extended until 8:59pm PT/11:59pm ET tonight, April 18:

The Doom open beta allows you to play Team Deathmatch and Warpath on the Heatwave and Infernal maps, with id also allowing you to use the Gauss Cannon power weapon and Revenant demon.

Here’s some beta tips from id:

  • Wake up! Listen to audio cues for incoming power ups & weapons
  • Survey your surroundings. Some gaps might be jumpable with a well-timed double jump
  • Create personal space: Melee other players before they get the drop on you.
  • No regen health. If your health is low, priortize finding the closest health pack
  • Keep the Vortex Rifle laser hidden behind a nearby wall before charging and firing.
  • The Gauss Cannon has 4 shots. Make sure you get your shots off before someone else
  • Being hunted by an enemy Revenant? Glyphs on walls indicate it is nearby
  • In Warpath the Demon Rune will always spawn at the opposite end of the path from where the zone currently is
  • Being chased? Get a person teleporter behind you & become the hunter.

Did the open beta convince you to buy Doom when it launches on May 13?

[Source: id Software (Twitter)]