Evolution Studios Team to Start Work on New IP By the End of the Month

One week on from its partnership with Codemasters, it’s been revealed that the Evolution Studios team is planning to jump-start production on its new IP by the end of the month — just don’t expect an official unveiling anytime soon.

That’s according to Paul Rustchynsky, who took to Twitter to answer a handful of questions regarding the transition away from Sony, along with a rough timeline for said new IP.

Details are, of course, thin on the ground for the time being; all we know at this early stage is that Evolution has partnered with Codemasters to produce an “exciting new racing IP.” That’s hardly surprising, given each company’s prestigious history in the genre, though it’ll still be fascinating to see how the collaboration pans out. 

Rustchynsky and the remainder of the Evolution team are primed to set the proverbial wheels in motion by the month’s end, and we’ll be keeping track of the studio’s new IP as it progresses in development. 

[Source: Twitter]