Grand Theft Auto III & Vice City PS4 Updates in Europe Raise Frame-Rate to 30fps

Earlier this week, Grand Theft Auto III and Grand Theft Auto: Vice City on PlayStation 4 received new updates in Europe, raising the frame-rate from 25fps to 30fps, while also fixing some bugs and changing the home screen image.

Here’s the patch notes for update 1.01, which apply to both titles:

  • Refresh rate has been upgraded from 50hz/25fps to 60hz/30fps
  • Bug fixes

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas hasn’t received this update.

Last year, Digital Foundry took a look at San Andreas on PS4, comparing the North American and European releases. In their report, they discovered that the PAL version ran at 25fps, causing some judder.

Another Rockstar PlayStation 2 title, Max Payne, is now available on PS4 in Europe, priced at £11.99 and taking up 2.2GB. A North American release is unconfirmed, but if it’s out today, you’ll be able to find it through this link.

If you live in North America, a Grand Theft Auto franchise sale is happening right now.

[Source: Rockstar Universe (Twitter 1, 2) via Reddit]