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SNK Doubles Down on Gaming With New Logo, Slogan

Japanese company SNK Playmore has renewed its focus on gaming today, shedding its pachi-slot with a new logo and old-school slogan to boot. 

Now known simply as SNK, the hardware and software giant is making an effort to channel the company’s heyday during the arcade era, with an official statement outlining that internal shift. 

Per GamesIndustry: 

“Following the changes of market trends in recent years, SNK Playmore ended its pachi-slot activities from last autumn,” the company said. “On the eve of its 15th anniversary this August, SNK Playmore has decided to change its corporate logo and slogan in light of the restoration of its principle business as video games, ushering in a new era for the company.”

SNK, best known for the likes of Neo Geo, Metal Slug, Fatal Fury and King of Fighters, calls the decision part of the company’s revival.

“This change marks a return to SNK’s rich gaming history,” the company said. “Through the huge success of many of its game franchises in the past, SNK is still a brand supported by countless fans from around the world to this day. The new logo and slogan chosen for this turning point, signifies both a return to the origins of SNK, and revival of our pioneer spirit to always offer long-time fans of SNK, as well as newcomers, entertainment of an even higher quality moving forward. Via this change, we will keep creating games and expand on our cherished IPs in the future.”

What do our readers make of the changeover? 

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