Nioh Alpha Demo out Today for PS4, Play It to Unlock Exclusive DLC

Announced earlier this month, the Nioh Alpha Demo for PlayStation 4 is now available to download in Europe through the PlayStation Store, with a North American release happening later today through the PlayStation Store.

Weighing in at 3.6GB, the Nioh demo is only available from April 26 to May 5. On May 6, you’ll no longer be able to access or download the demo.

As Koei Tecmo explains, the Nioh demo offers two playable stages, giving you an early chance to check out the dark setting and samurai combat in the game:

Upon coming ashore a small island near the village of Usuki, in the first stage the player encounters the remains of a fishing village set aflame by a mysterious invasion. In the following stage, demonic beings from the Yokai realm run rampant in Dazaifu, which has controlled western regions since ancient times.

Throughout the demo, the player will be challenged in a unique way guaranteed to heighten their sense of accomplishment. To overcome the brutal foes that lie in wait, players are able to test out three close-combat weapon classes—the spear, axe, and the trusty katana—allowing them to find the armament that best suits their play style. A symbol of the samurai, the katana excels in attacking and defensive maneuvers, and allows for powerful and varied special moves. The spear—the weapon of choice on the battlefields of the Warring States period of Japanese history—not only allows for a variety of long-range thrust attacks, but can also knock down surrounding enemies. And while the massive weight and long handle of the axe may be difficult to wield, the damage caused is greater than other weapons.

By completing a stage, you’ll unlock The Mark of the Conqueror DLC from the PlayStation Store, which will include exclusive in-game content when Nioh launches later this year.

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