Mobile Gaming Performance Will Outpace PS4 By 2020, According to Samsung

The processing capabilities of standard smartphones will surpass that of PlayStation 4 by the year 2020.

At least, that’s according to Samsung’s Jonas Gustavsson, who made the prediction during a keynote address at the Samsung Developer Conference in San Francisco.

There, Gustavsson noted that the Samsung Galaxy S7, the company’s current flagship, already surpasses the graphical performance of the Xbox 360 – a trend the executive expects to continue as the years wear on. “We designed the S7 for gaming,” he said, revealing the handset boasted 30 percent faster central processing and 60 percent better graphics processing than its predecessor, Galaxy S6.

In an effort to embrace this high-end mobile gaming, Samsung has hatched its GalaxyGameDev program in a bid to attract more developers to the platform. Some of the dev tools that Gustavsson alluded to include the ability to minimize on-screen notifications and even record gameplay. 

What do our readers think of the exponential growth of mobile gaming?

[Source: VentureBeat]