The Division Servers Offline for Maintenance Today, April 28, to Fix Exploits

Moving the weekly maintenance from Tuesday to Thursday (weekly rewards and the assignment will still reset on Tuesday), Ubisoft revealed that The Division servers will be offline for three hours today, April 28, beginning at 12am PT/3am ET/9am CEST.

Here’s what’s being addressed during the maintenance:

  • Protection from Elites will now correctly reduce damage received from Elite enemies
  • Fixed a bug with Rehabilitated where the talent could remain active when used in combination with a tear gas grenade
  • Fixed an exploit where players could go through walls by using a ladder while the Jumping Jack emote is active
  • Falcon Lost: Players will no longer be able to shoot inside the incursion when they are standing outside of it

As for the latest weekly Operation ISAC assignment (above), you’ll need to collect 30 tools, kill 50 Rikers in the Dark Zone, kill 20 Elite NPCs, and complete 10 main missions on hard difficulty to earn the 30 Phoenix Credits.

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