Street Fighter V Flash Sale Live Now on PSN

Still on the fence when it comes to Street Fighter V? Then this might tip you over. Capcom and Sony are holding a Street Fighter V flash sale on PSN right this moment!

Both the Standard and Deluxe editions are on sale, with the Standard edition priced at $44.99 (down from $59.99), while the Deluxe edition can be bought for only $67.49 (from $89.99). You have to act fast though, as the sale only runs from today until May 2nd. According to the PSN Store, the discounted price will only be available from 4/28/2016 11:00 p.m. to 5/2/2016 11:00 p.m. and nope, doesn’t say the timezone either.

You can buy it now here which leads straight to the US PSN Store link.

Anyone getting this? Or would you rather get it at a much lower price?

[Source: Street Fighter (Twitter)]