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Here’s Some Early Footage From Assassin’s Creed Creator’s 1666 Amsterdam

1666 Amsterdam recently surfaced online once again as Ubisoft handed over the game’s rights to Patrice Désilets following a lengthy legal dispute that arose when the former Assassin’s Creed Creative Director was terminated. Now, some early in-game footage from the game has appeared on YouTube, thanks to Necrosoft Games’ Brandon Sheffield, who captured the footage during the 2016 Reboot Develop Conference in Croatia. You can check out the video above but bear in mind that it’s not the best quality. Regardless, it gives you an idea of what 1666 Amsterdam looked like years ago when it was in development for last-gen consoles.

According to Sheffield:

The game’s theme is “be worse than the devil,” which is why the protagonist can control animals traditionally associated with black magic.

This footage shows a real player running through the game in-engine.

Although Désilets has reacquired the rights to 1666 Amsterdam, he hasn’t revealed when/if he plans to continue working on the project.

[Source: Brandon Sheffield (YouTube)]